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“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” - Eleanor Roosevelt

Exercising was never really in the category of Sydney’s main interests. Especially after she went to her first spin class. She left swearing she would never return. Until she found herself working the front desk at Grit. After being immersed in Grit’s contagious community, she stepped out of her comfort zone and began to ride. That one courageous step started a domino affect, ultimately leading her to the podium. 


“The freedom that the bike, the dark room and the loud music gave me was unmatched. Every fear, doubt and every ounce of anxiety disappeared once I clipped in. That was a feeling that I wanted to share with other people.”

Sydney’s classes are full of life, fun and you won’t leave without tapping back to some rap. 

When she isn’t hanging with her Grit fam, Sydney is either studying or diving into a crime related podcast, TV show or movie. She’s a sucker for sweets and all fast food. (It’s all about balance, people.)

Get to know Sydney through her social and music:

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