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“Get comfortable being uncomfortable. Get confident being uncertain. Don’t give up just because something is hard. Pushing through challenges is what makes you grow.” -Unknown

Caitlyn lives and breaths fitness. Between teaching Cycle, Strength, and Power, Caitlyn is a NASM certified personal trainer. As a former collegiate athlete, she loves all forms of movement: tennis, CrossFit, barre, yoga.. the list could go on. When she isn't in the studio, she and her husband love to enjoy all that life has to offer whether it's here in our small town or traveling around the country. 

Caitlyn's personality is silly, joyful and energetic. Her carefree spirit will make any new or experienced client fearless to try new forms of movement. You can expect Caitlyn to provide a class with beats that motivate you to push to a new level of power. 


Get to know Caitlyn through her social and music:

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