Power, Passion, Perseverance


Grit is incredibly powerful. Grit is the highest predictor of an individual achieving greatness. Grit is a diligent spirit; the nagging conviction that keeps you pressing on when it’d be easier to give up. Grit is what makes you get back on the horse after you’ve been kicked off.  Grit is the realization that achieving one’s greatest potential comes from running a marathon, not a sprint. Grit is power, passion, and perseverance

An Oklahoma native, Eliza Hyatt is bringing her passion for fitness and wellness to the Shoals area. Located in the heart of downtown Florence, Grit Fitness combines motivating music, an intimate atmosphere, and an intense workout that will leave you feeling revitalized. Regardless of your goals, we are sure to deliver an unparalleled workout that is rewarding and fun, yet suitable for all fitness levels. Grit Fitness is a warm, welcoming and accepting community. We come from all backgrounds and fitness levels with different goals and expectations, but we all work together to support each other in and out of the studio.  You will not find a more welcoming or supportive "home" to achieve your personal goals in total mind and body wellness.  Whether you are new or an experienced athlete, you will find your place at Grit. We are so excited for you to be a part of our family.


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Rhythm-based indoor cycling 

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The future is inside of you and it's your responsibility to develop it and bring it out of you. The discipline you implement on your life allows for possibility to become ability.


116 E. Tennessee Street


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